Client Discovery

Introduction to Advanced Asset Consultants

Advanced Asset Consultants is a leading firm of Chartered Financial Planners and Pension Transfer Specialists, offering independent financial planning advice to personal and corporate clients.

The AAC Pensions Desk specialises in Defined Benefit transfer analysis for individuals and for employers and trustees as part of scheme focused advice.

Our team of retirement specialists will help you understand the options available to you, and whether transferring our benefits to an alternative arrangement is in your best interest.

Further information about AAC can be found at About Us

This page will walk you through our ‘Member Advice Pack’ to ensure you are able to make an informed decision on whether to take regulated advice on your Defined Benefit pension. Alternatively, the brochure is available here: Member advice pack

Your Attitude to Transfer Risk

The big decision

Conventional wisdom points to Defined Benefit schemes as being the gold standard of retirement provision. This position is held by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), whose view is that – in the majority of cases – it is unlikely that an individual would be better off by transferring their benefits away from the scheme.

The decision to stay within your existing scheme or transfer to an alternative personal pension arrangement is therefore a huge decision.

Once the decision has been made to take benefits from the scheme, or transfer it to an alternative personal pension arrangement, it cannot be reversed.

As such, it is important that you understand what you have, what you want to achieve and what you could be giving up.