What is Cashflow Planning?

No two clients are the same and financial information for making sound investment decisions is often imperfect, incomplete, complex, especially within the retirement market, pensions are consistently an area that many people, even the most financially sophisticated, say they have great difficulty with. Advanced Asset Consultants try to make these difficult decisions easier to comprehend with our full bespoke cashflow modelling, the future is unknowable and that any plan won’t stand the test of time and need to be visited regularly. Assumptions are almost universally incorrect, and we all know it. However, a cashflow plan is like any theory or model, it is the best picture of where you are, it will inform you where you are now and what you need to do for the future to secure your financial freedom.

Investment Risk - Simple Rules to Follow

Our presentation video highlights the Model Portfolio Theory by Nobel Prize-winning economist Harry Markowitz and explains how a well-diversified portfolio can benefit investors over long terms. The greater return you want, the more risk you will usually have to accept.

The greater risk you take with your investments, the greater the chance of losing some or all of your initial investment. The purpose of your investment and when you'll need access to your money will have a big impact on what types of investments are right for you. If you are saving over the short-term, it is wise not to take a large amount of capital risk. When investing for the long-term, you can afford to take more risk as your money has more time to recover from falls in the markets. Investing in shares has historically proven to be the best way to drive growth that outstrips inflation.


We offer a wide range of investment approaches,many of them traditionally reserved for institutional investors and the ultra wealthy. The costs of these approaches are often low in percentage terms due to the enormous amounts of money being managed. We want our clients to benefit from these types of innovative investment techniques at the lowest possible cost.


Ethical & Social Investments

At its core ethical investment involves a range of investment styles, which goes beyond simple financial return. These aim to incorporate investors’ethical, social and environmental values into the investment process. At Advanced Asset Consultants, we put ethical investments at the core of our investments.



New pension freedoms have made obtaining the correct advice in relation to your pension absolutely essential. We will discuss your retirement options and assist you in your financial planning with the aim of creating long-term wealth for your family. Accessing the funds available to you can be life changing, however, many clients are unaware of what is available to them. Advanced Asset Consultants provides comprehensive advice on the best way forward for your pension planning.


Tax Planning

A careful tax strategy is the cornerstone of an effective financial planning. We ensure your assets are protected from unnecessary taxes, including income tax, inheritance tax and capital gains tax. This makes your investments as efficient as possible and maximises your return on investment.

Advanced Asset Consultants tax planning services can save you paying thousands in unnecessary taxes.


Expert Financial Planning Advice

Advanced Asset Consultants is a leading Chartered Financial Planning practice with the goal of providing financial education and planning advice to individuals, families, trusts as well as corporate bodies across the United Kingdom. We have assisted many clients to achieve their financial freedom throughout challenging economic conditions.

We are immensely proud of the service we deliver... We owe much of that to the quality of our people. Our dedicated team of financial planners all hold professional qualifications the highest of which is the Fellowship. Fellowship of the Personal Financial Society (FPFS) is the very highest designation awarded by the Personal Finance Society (PFS). This achievement has only been obtained by a very small percentage of advisers operating in the UK. Of 35,000 members of the PFS, less than 2,900 hold this advanced level qualification. AAC have three fellows who provide all our clients with technical expertise you would expect when dealing with your financial planning needs and supported by highly experienced paraplanners and administrators.

We are committed to providing the highest standard of financial planning advice and service. Your requirements are critical to us, and for any advice or assistance we offer we will:

• Be open, honest and transparent in the way we deal with you.

• Not place our interest above yours.

• Communicate clearly, promptly and without jargon

No two people have identical financial circumstances, which is why it is essential you have a custom financial planning solution that meets your individual needs and goals. Planning for financial success can be complicated in today's world. Broad knowledge of everything from complicated retirement and investment products to risk management strategies and tax laws is required.

Your financial roadmap (cashflow plan ) should provide you with clarity about your future. It should detail every aspect of your vision: your hopes, fears and goals. It should also describe exactly how your future will look and help you to know exactly where you are headed and when you are likely to arrive.

Our financial planners help clients achieve their goals building towards financial freedom. We have built up experience and expertise over decades within the financial planning industry. You may need one-off advice for a specific need, such as retirement planning or managing inheritance tax. Alternatively, you may need our ongoing support and guidance with a personalised financial plan that covers all areas of your finances.

Whatever you want to achieve with your wealth... Our financial planners are here to help.

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