Financial Service Plans to Suit Your Needs

Our independent financial advisers provide impartial and holistic advice to those who are serious about growing, protecting and preserving their wealth. We work in partnership with you, building an investment strategy specifically tailored to your needs.

We strive to ensure the right investment strategy for you based on your on-going risk and capacity for loss profile. Our service is tailored to your specific and ever-evolving needs.

We undertake the investment, administration and compliance responsibilities for all portfolios under our management.

Based on extensive feedback from our existing clients, Advanced Asset Consultants provide a range of wealth management services to suit your present and future needs.

Our Direct Simplified Investment service offers clients no initial charge and provides access to Individual Savings Accounts and General Investment Accounts on a passive strategic investment structure. The cost for the majority of our clients is only 0.71% per annum.

We offer a number of services to best meet your needs, ranging from capital growth to a discretionary management service. Our Direct Simplified Investment service caters for clients who want to invest directly at very low costs, while receiving regulated financial advice that they can trust.

We also offer a range of tax wrappers to mitigate the impact of income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax, including self-invested personal pensions, individual savings accounts, offshore bonds and AIM inheritance portfolios.

Our Personal Financial Portal grants you full access to valuations and portfolio performance at any time via any mobile or web device.


There are a wide range of investment approaches available today, many of them are exclusively reserved for institutional investors and the ultra wealthy. The costs of these approaches are often low in percentage terms due to the enormous amounts of money being managed. Advanced Asset Consultants Ltd want the retail clients to benefit from these types of innovative investment techniques at the lowest possible cost.


Ethical & Social Investments

At its core, ‘ethical investment’ involves a range of investment styles which go beyond simple financial return. These aim to incorporate investors’ ethical, social and environmental values and opinions into the investment process. At Advanced Asset Consultants Ltd, we put responsible investment at the core of our investment planning.



The new Pension Freedoms have made obtaining the correct advice in relation to your pension essential. We will discuss with you your retirement options and assist you in your financial planning, with the aim of creating long term wealth for your family.  Finding out what is available to you can be life changing, however many clients are unaware of the recent changes in pension legislation. Advanced Asset Consultants Ltd can provide advice on the best way forward to suit your needs.


Tax Planning

This is the cornerstone of financial planning. We ensure your assets are protected from unnecessary tax, be it Income Tax, Inheritance Tax or Capital Gains Tax, and that your investments are as efficient as they can be.

Advanced Asset Consultants Ltd Tax Planning Services can save you paying thousands in unnecessary taxes.


Financial Guides

May/June 2017 Magazine

May/June 2017 Magazine

Road To Brexit - Biggest investment planning challenge over the coming years for all investors



A Guide to Retirement Planning

A Guide to Retirement Planning

How will you ensure you achieve the retirement lifestyle you deserve?


News + Media

Tapering of annual allowance for high incomes – adjusted and threshold incomes

Wednesday May 31, 2017

This measure restricts pension tax relief by introducing a tapered reduction in the amount of the annual allowance for individuals with an adjusted income of over £150,000 and a threshold income over £110,000. Key facts The annual allowance will be reduced for individuals who have ‘adjusted income’ over £150,000 a year. The reduction in the …


Check the FCA Register-Scam Advisers looking to get your pension

Friday April 28, 2017

pensions, pension planningConventional wisdom points to defined benefit schemes as the gold standard of retirement provision. This position is also held by the Financial Conduct Authority, which has led to the majority of financial advisers opting out
of providing advice in this area. Those ‘specialist’ firms that do provide advice are typically reliant on the Critical Yield Method. …


Pension freedom withdrawals cut through £10bn barrier

Wednesday April 26, 2017

More than £10bn has been accessed flexibly since the introduction of pension freedom in 2015, the latest HM Revenue & Customs statistics have shown. A total £1.59bn was flexibly withdrawn in Q1 2017, the most in any quarter since Q2 2016 and the second-highest figure seen. More than 390,000 flexible payments were made in the …


£20k ‘death tax’: Government new Tax charge

Wednesday April 12, 2017

The Government’s dramatic increase in probate fees is attracting more outcry as it emerges the Ministry of Justice does not know how much it costs to handle an application for probate. From next month, a new system takes effect that will see the largest estates pay £20,000 in probate fees. Probate must be granted to …



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